Check up! (and getting my act together wow)

Week 1 Update (Sunday, 4.23.2017)

So it’s been one week since I finished my month-long trial, and I’m still feeling pretty good, because of my re-lapse I do feel my blood sugar drop more often, so I think I just need to drink more water until my eating window is open so that I don’t do the same mistakes I’ve been doing all week of eating an hour or two earlier, working out and then feeling my blood sugar drop dramatically towards the evening.

In a week I’ll weigh myself to see my progress, but honestly I’m not feeling that great about it. I’m trying to eat more whole-food, plant based options, but I slip up fairly frequently so… yeah. Meal planning is always key! With that in mind, here’s my plan for the next week:

Tomorrow (Monday)- large bowl of oats, sliced peppers with hummus and tofu curry with rice (yesterday I managed to ruin rice so we’ll see how well that goes).

Tuesday (this has to be packed food)- leftover tofu curry, chia seed pudding and 2 sandwiches (pesto and tomato, perhaps)

Wednesday (packed food again)- pasta with tomato sauce, small fruit salad and carrot sticks with hummus

Thursday (not packed yay!)- Mexican casserole (corn, salsa, beans, etc.) and a fruit salad

Friday- fruit smoothie, cooked potatoes with sweet chili sauce and a big bowl of peanut butter and banana oats

Saturday- noodles with grilled mushrooms and carrots (with sesame because I live on the edge) and whatever the family is having for dinner (probably Mediterranean salad and baked food)

Sunday (packed)-  leftover noodles and mushrooms (and carrots and sesame) and chopped salad

Let’s see how well I stick it how, ay?

So this week has been very bumpy and extremely hot, so it’s kind of dangerous for me to exercise outside. Luckily, my housemate is leaving in two days, so I can use our living room for my own selfish working out purposes. I’ve also improved my plank time from about 50 seconds to 1:40 minutes. However, today I didn’t manage to do five more seconds, I think it’s because I’ve been recovering from some terrible virus I had last week (started Wednesday).

My self-confidence is wavering a bit. I’ve been filming videos, and I know I’m not photogenic (when transferring a 3-D person into a 2-D image, all of their “fat” spreads out more, making them look bigger than they are, usually). But people have been noticing my weight loss, so I’ve been doing well.

I’m thinking of going on Fiverr and ordering a custom meal plan (I’ve heard good things about the user tayfoster from a friend- if anyone else has used her services, please comment below about your experience!), since it’s very cheap and seems reliable.

That’s it for now, I think. I should be getting to sleep (early morning and all). I’ll check back in within a week!



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