Day 33- The Grand Finale!

Sunday, 4.16.2017

Day 33 out of 33!

And… that’s a wrap! I can’t believe it, but the month has passed by and I think I’ve figured out what I want and how to get it. My main problem has been becoming hungrier after lunch time because of my physical exercise. The solution, I believe, is the move my eating window so it’s a little later in the day. Tomorrow I’ll try eating around 18:00 instead of 13:00 (I foresee plenty of green tea in my near future), and get in all my exercise before that time.

Before I move onto the results, I want to share my thoughts after watching a documentary about anorexia. I am not pro-anorexia, never have been and never will be. I’ve had my problems with food, and this blog is what I decided to use so that I could control that better. But I do suggest controlled dieting, and I wholeheartedly support eating in a balanced way (preferably plant-based, whole foods).

I’m constantly surrounded by images from the media of beautiful women who are thin but not “too thin”, whatever that may mean. And as much as I hate to admit it, I’ve been heavily influenced by that. My goal as of right now is to lose weight until I am comfortably in the “normal” range, and from there just learn to accept and love myself- which brings me to another point of accepting myself when I was unhealthy. I might’ve thought I looked great (which I did), but I was unhealthy, and I needed to realize that. I’m still working on losing weight, and I’m going to use my BMI and my regular doctor’s check-up to make sure I’m staying healthy.

As for sustainability, I do see this lifestyle as something I could keep doing. In the future I’d like to be able to overlook calories and so on and just focus on food that is nutritious, filling and flavorful. Like today, I ate some more of the vegan lasagna, some whole rice with cumin, six slices of marinated tofu (delicious) and partly-roasted veggies with glaze (I got impatient). I also ate some terribly sugary puffed rice with peanut butter, but it’s making me feel terrible, so hopefully I’ll remember that for tomorrow.

I swear this is the last thing I’d like to write before moving onto results and conclusions, so I’ll make it short- I went on a 30-minute bike ride and walked my dog (Snoop) for an additional 20 minutes, and I still plan on doing yoga to release any muscle aches left over from the week. It’ll be a thirty minute YouTube tutorial and it isn’t targeted towards weight loss, but towards flexibility and stretching. Update after writing this: I only did 15 minutes because I had limited space and (surprise!) I’m not very flexible. Maybe every Sunday when I’m doing yoga I’ll start a beginner’s course… I’ll see…


The dramatic result is… I’ve lost somewhere between 4 and 10 lbs. I say somewhere between because I use 2 different scales (one with a dial that is very shaky and one that is electronic). One of them estimated my current weight at 170 lbs (77.5 kilograms) and the other at 165 lbs (75 kilograms). I weighed myself at the beginning of the day, but honestly I’m not that bothered by the result since it is a pretty significant and healthy weight loss no matter what. I reckon that if I keep this up with my new exercise regimen, I’ll be able to reach my goal weight (around 135 lbs), by September!

Again, I’d like to stress that I do not support unhealthy eating or disordered eating, and strongly suggest that if you suffer from any food-related problems to do some research and find what is best for you. Healthy and lasting weight loss is slow and controlled- remember that!

One day I want to be some part of the entertainment industry (not in front of the camera, but still), and I’d like to be able to be a weight which is aesthetically pleasing while also not unhealthy.

So that’s it for this month. From now on I’ll try and update weekly, but no promises! Tomorrow will be difficult for sure since I am filming a video about baking and I’ll have to resist eating all of the baked goods. Ah, well.

I’ll write back soon!


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