Day 32- EXERCISE (and a little binge eating)

Saturday, 4.15.2017

Day 32 out of 33

Tomorrow morning is the final weigh-in! After this week I’m less optimistic but today I went on a 30-minute bike ride, followed by an hour of skateboarding (trying to learn, at least) and an hour of leisure gym time (during which I boxed for a while but mainly did nothing).

This update is a bit late since I quit my job recently (TMI but thought you should know), and I’m doing freelance work which takes away from my blogging. There are so many freelancing options online! Holy cow! Back to the subject of this blog- tomorrow is the last day, and I’m ready.

I keep eating after my eating window because I work out and I get hungry. I think the easiest way to solve this is by just moving my eating window to a later time, until I’m totally done working out. Today I did the bike ride in the morning, ate a large dish of vegan lasagna (The Vegan Corner, hit them up, it was very good), and then went skateboarding and boxing. If I’m serious about working out, I have to also eat well.

After my eating window, during which I ate a dish of lasagna and ¾ of a raw brownie tin (just like a 5 inch diameter one), I got hungry after working out. I made myself another raw brownie (I ate 2/3 of the batter this time) and even snacked on my vegan cookie dough. It’s not very healthy, but I’m giving myself a break because this was a stressful week and I’m ready to let it go.

Sorry for the short update, but tomorrow will be a final looooong update, so I hope you’re excited!  As for weighing myself, I’m hoping for the best but as long as I haven’t gained any, I’m fine (and even if I did, I know what caused it!), I guess I’ll write back tomorrow!


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