Day 31- I’m back!

Friday, 4.14.2017

Day 31 out of 33

Hello! It’s good to be back. After a pretty awesome trip (with pretty terrible food choices), I’m finally back and ready to keep going. I’m kind of excited to conclude this entire month in two days (which will include measuring me and recounting my overall feelings and tips for this part month). I’ve even found a few new recipe sources which seem fairly healthy, have a calorie counter on them (which I will make a conscious effort to stop using once I reach my goal weight) and are vegan.

Today I had potato croquettes (recipe from The Vegan Corner) with BBQ sauce and some (unhealthy) vegan cookie dough. It’s hard for me to get back to fasting, but my schedule should relax now so I’m staying optimistic. As for exercise, I went for a leisurely swim today and tomorrow I have a bike ride, a boxing workout and another swim planned.

Food-wise, I’m getting a lot better at meal planning and prepping. I think that that’s really the key for this lifestyle- planning ahead. You don’t want to end up just snacking during the entire eating window because you didn’t have a solid plan. I promised myself I’d be more efficient and healthier, and that starts with making better and healthier eating choices.

So here’s the plan for the following days:

– Tomorrow I’ll eat some vegan lasagna (again, recipe from The Vegan Corner) and maybe some cookies (from the cookie dough I ate today)

– Sunday I’ll have some rice, roasted vegetables and marinated tofu (TVC again, obviously)

– Monday I’ll treat myself to some healthy-ish peanut butter and coffee donuts (TVC, but instead of donuts I’ll try and find something else to make with them- perhaps Dutch poffertjes) and leftovers (be it from the lasagna or the rice, veggies and tofu).

From there I’ll see how it goes. Wednesday I’m going back to having a scheduled lunch break, so I’ll see what I can do to work around that (probably a lot of tacos and potato-themed foods).

I’ve finally worked out a workout schedule that is pretty intense but will only be in effect until September (I’ll be moving apartments then and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to go to the gym as much). The weekly schedule will be as follows:

Monday- 30 minute bike ride and 15 minutes of glute exercises

Tuesday-30 minute bike ride (notice the pattern yet?) and 15 minutes of arm exercises

Wednesday- Rest day!!!

Thursday- 30 minute bike ride, plank test and 15 minutes of leg exercises

Friday- One hour swim, 30 minutes of boxing and some skating (skateboarding)

Saturday- One hour swim, 30 minutes of boxing, 30 minute bike ride and maybe another plank test unless I’m very tired

Sunday- 30 minute bike ride, 30 minutes of yoga (to relax the body from the entire week and try to thoroughly stretch it) and a plank test

We’ll see how it goes. I have to go shower now since I’m still full of chlorine, so I’ll write back tomorrow with an update about the lasagna.



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