Day 26- one week to go!

Sunday, 4.9.2017

Day 26 out of 33

Another friend I haven’t seen in a while came by today and he also noticed how I’ve changed these past few months. I don’t know if it’s the veganism, the working out, the fasting or a combination of all three (probably all three let’s be real), but it feels good.

I think I need to improve my confidence and that’s what will really help this whole journey. Also, I’m almost totally back to fasting! It’s really difficult lately because I’ve been slipping on meal prep and planning which causes me to snack later on. So guess what? The menu is back! Not in the same format as before, but similar.

I biked another 30 minutes today (7th day in a row!) and just generally was a bit more active than usual. When I get back to my normal schedule, I might actually be tempted to go to my local gym for a bit. I really want to be able to go running (treadmill) long distance, but the school year is nearly over and the only gym around is in the school so I’ll have to wait and see.

Other than running, I’m excited for the opening of the pool (bathing suit arrives in two weeks!) and for finding boxing partners. I do need to refresh my biking playlist because it feels super slow when I don’t have good music with me. Tomorrow the plan for eating and working out is as follows:

  1. Half a no-bake vegan healthy-ish brownie (I’ll share the other half with the friend I mentioned earlier)
  2. Peanut noodles (I made so much spaghetti today it’s not even funny, my stomach actually hurt)
  3. Fruit salad (I’ve been meaning to make this for AGES)

Hopefully that’ll keep me full for a while because in two days I’m going away on a three day trip (back Thursday), which means I won’t be updating and also it’ll be harder to fast when I’m unfamiliar with my surroundings. I’ll also be more easily tempted to eat junk and won’t be able to work out. On the other hand, it definitely will help my sore thighs and oblique’s. They’ll get a two rest, lucky bastards.

Today I ate a huge serving of pasta (my summer rolls dried up so I had to throw them in the compost… I hate food waste) and some dates and a little bit of junk.

I think maybe I’ll try and see if there is any food prep I can do for food that carries well without needing to be constantly refrigerated (if you have any ideas, comment below please!), maybe like some rice with teriyaki tofu and sesame or something or oatmeal and banana foster or something of that clibre. I’ll do some more research tomorrow (if I remember).

That’s it for today, basically. I’m still feeling good, hardly hungry, I’m slipping a bit on drinking water but it should all be right on track for when I’m done (in a week, holy cow!)

I’ll write back tomorrow!


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