Day 25- full of exercise!

Saturday, 4.8.2017

Day 25 out of 33

My computer keeps lagging and crashing so this update will be posted a tad later than usual. Today was basically a full-on workout day! I tried fasting but because I exercised so much today I had to re-energize myself so I had a bit of a snack during traditional dinner time.

I went bike riding for half an hour, tried learning how to skateboard for just about an hour and spent another solid hour working out at the gym with my friend (we did circuits and boxing- circuits not that much fun but better than when I’m alone and boxing really freaking great). Food-wise, I didn’t have the best day, but as I wrote in the past, it’s about the journey and the change. I don’t expect to master all of this that quickly.

Starting tomorrow I’m going to try and improve some of my fitness metrics. I’d like to be able to hold a plank for five minutes (it’s a very high goal because I want to constantly push myself), do at least ten push-ups in a row (if not more, god willing) and be able to do 60 full crunches in a minute. I think I’ll try measuring every single one of those metrics in the morning or something every day, just to see if I improve. It could be fun! I could keep a tally.

And now back to the food. Today I had two pitas with quinoa and cauliflower covered barbeque balls (I don’t think that made any sense), and a bunch of veggies. I made myself some more spring rolls but couldn’t bring myself to eat them- I’ll try tomorrow. I think tomorrow I’ll have some pasta and the spring rolls and then the day after tomorrow I might grab something sweet since I’ll be going on a trip Tuesday and will only be back Thursday.

I’ll try to keep fasting during that time, but I don’t think I’ll be able to work out. I guess that means that the new fitness metrics will only really pick up afterwards, near the end of my (nearly) daily blogging.

I’ll write back tomorrow but it’s getting late and I want to go to sleep so that’s all for this update!


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