Day 23- a longer post and explanations (sort of)

Thursday, 4.6.2017

Day 23 out of 33

I can explain. Things have been incredibly busy lately and I’ve been exhausted because of it, so now, as I promised, here’s a long blog post about what’s going on.

I’m still intermittent fasting, but I’ve decided to only use Eat This Much for recipe-finding purposes and not as some “guide”. This is because I will naturally be in a caloric deficit from eating only once a day (since once I’m full I can’t eat any more), and by eating plant-based foods I will be filling up quicker and giving my body the fuel it needs.

So what’s next?

Today was the fourth day in a row I cycled. I cycle for 30 minutes at a speed of about 6 miles per hour outside. This gives me plenty of vitamin D which I miss since I work inside most days, and yesterday I got some boxing gloves, wraps and training gloves, so I’m going to learn more about boxing and then I’ll be ready to do that more. Can’t wait for that!

I’ve also decided to abandon my metrics since they’re not very accurate and also it’s very hard for me to keep up with it since my hunger and energy levels change minutely within the day so I can’t be one hundred percent sure about if I’m being too positive or too negative about the metrics. I’m also going to be writing a menu once more without the nutritional information (not that I’ve posted much of that).

Thing is, I don’t want to develop another eating disorder. It took me so long to accept the first one so I’m not going to dive right into a second one. My body needs food, and I’ll give it food. Granted, it’s only once a day, but that’s only until I reach my goal weight and then I’ll resume eating normally and exercising regularly (which will probably cause some weight gain but then it should stabilize).

Furthermore, I’ve decided to just keep doing cardio. I enjoy cardio and I enjoy working out (cycling, swimming, running and boxing are great), but I hate circuits and I see no point in continuing doing them if they make me feel miserable. I know a lot of people say that a variety in types of exercise is important, but I think as long as I’m moving my body I should be fine.

And now for the hard part (this isn’t going to be fun). I need to try and stop calorie-counting. Being in a calorie deficit might work but in the long haul it doesn’t, and I’ve seen it happen. I need a lifestyle change, and that’s what I’ll get. It’s going to be hard and it will be annoying and it’s very easy to cave into calories but I have to stick it out, which will be hard with a scale in my room and this preconceived notion of “fast” weight loss.

For honesty sake, I’m going to just say that I’m starting some freelance work soon and I’m going to need to have plenty of energy and time. So I’m still going to do intermittent fasting, but I’m changing it up a bit. For example, here’s tomorrow’s menu:

– Cooked vegetable spring rolls with peanut sauce

– Quinoa and cauliflower buffalo-style balls

– Fruit salad

This is all high-carb and not processed (well, partly, at least). This is what I’m aiming to do. I also want to increase my water intake and generally make a whole 180 to my life.

So that’s what’s going on. I’ll update more on boxing and cycling and swimming and all that fun stuff sometime else. For now, I have work to do and mindsets to change.

Write back soon.

P.S: I thought this would be longer but I got all of my points across fairly quickly without dwelling too much on how I ate crap today and yesterday but it was technically in a deficit so I didn’t care (that did happen, though).


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