Day 21- apologies but also (ultra) short update again

Tuesday, 4.4.2017

Day 21 out of 33

I swear I keep missing the milestones of this journey but it’s my best friend’s birthday today so I have to keep this short. Also, yesterday I was absolutely exhausted after a hard day at work, so I didn’t post. Sorry about that. Unfortunately, it’s probably not going to get any better than this (if this late post is anything to go by).

Anyway! Today I didn’t intermittent fast, but I also noticed I was way less hungry. I also biked for thirty minutes yesterday and today. I’ll bike tomorrow as well and I’ll fit in a morning workout before I have to go to work. Other than that, my menu keeps looking appetizing (because I can customize it), and I’m feeling pretty good. I did eat a bit of junk today, but I didn’t go over my calorie limit so I’m done with junk until the end of the month (sad-face).

I did say this was a short update, right? Because I’m tired as hell and I’m going to go to sleep now (parties are exhausting). I’ll write more tomorrow and make up for this terrible update (I’m so tired I’m not doing the metrics, I’ll do those tomorrow).

See ya then!


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