Day 19- my new workout plan

Sunday, 4.2.2017

Day 19 out of 33

Today was pretty good food-wise, other than the fact my tofu smelled and tasted a little off (but thankfully not poisoned or anything). I did snack a bit, but I don’t think I exceeded the calorie limit I put on myself. I had to start my window earlier because of work and during it I had just a little rice noodles, some cauliflower, peanut tofu (tofu covered with peanut sauce) and about 15 banana-oat cookies (more like energy balls, really. I added a bit of peanut butter for taste). So I think snacking is okay (and probably necessary, considering I only got up to 1,100 calories without those snacks). By the way, I’m a bit ashamed of the snacks I ate, so I’ll leave them out (it’s not pretty), but at least that means I can start the week fresh.

I’m trying to improve the healthy value of my food and snacking less (which is very hard when I’m visiting my mother because it’s instinct to snack over there). Also, I got new workout gear, which means I’ll be able to actually go swimming and biking and try and do some circuits (speaking of- tomorrow is when I’m starting).

Regarding exercise, this blog is my way to keep myself in check with what I want to do, so I’ll just write down below my plan for the week regarding exercise. I’m working out to become stronger and also next week I won’t have much of an opportunity to do so, which means I have to take it today. So here’s the general overview of what I want to do:

Monday- 20 minutes circuit (lunges, push-ups, and bicycle), 10 minutes of ab work, and 30 minutes of biking

Tuesday- 20 minutes dumbbell workout (3 circuits), 10 minutes of leg work, and 30 minutes of biking

Wednesday- rest day

Thursday- 20 minutes circuit (lunges, push-ups, and bicycle), 10 minutes of leg work, and 30 minutes of biking

Friday- rest day

Saturday- 20 minutes of yoga, 20 minutes of dumbbells, 10 minutes of leg work, 10 minutes of ab work and 30 minutes of biking

Sunday- rest day

I’m a bit intimidated by this schedule, but I’m hoping rest days will keep me motivated. Also, since I’m technically on vacation, I might just work out in the mornings and then get it all out of my way (I’m a master procrastinator).

The public pool near my house is opening soon and I need to get a bathing suit, so I’ll add swimming to my workout schedule because as much as I tried picking circuits I’ll enjoy, I really love swimming and would like to develop that ability some more.

On the food front, I’m struggling but now that’s I’m way past the hunger phase of intermittent fasting, I can focus more on healthy eating. I’m anxious to get some real results and considering I caved earlier in the week and weighed myself, I’m letting myself be optimistic.

Onto the metrics and tomorrow’s menu!


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