Day 18- getting back on track

Saturday, 4.1.2017

Day 18 out of 33

Another not-too-great food day and another pretty low-energy day (I actually took a nap!), and I didn’t even really fast today because I was invited for a family dinner and I went even though I didn’t originally plan to (I even ate my huge lunch). More than that, I didn’t actually eat 2/3 of my planned food because my friend surprised me with a cake since he wasn’t around for my actual birthday and we had lunch together.

So what I ate today wasn’t that great, so today is another short update (sad-face), but starting tomorrow I’m going to go back on track! The menu seems a bit basic but I’m looking forward to having some fairly good food in my eating window. So today’s short post will be pretty simple: writing about today’s food and workouts for next week.

So today I eat 4 and a half taquitos filled with chickpea and artichoke mash with a bit of Tabasco. I also had majadra during the lunch I had with my friend (we shared 9 taquitos between us) and for dessert I had a fairly generous slice of cake (it was so good I can’t regret it). Then for dinner my mom make piroshky and she also served some lentil soup and cherry tomatoes. Overall, I went a bit over my limit but I’ll go back to it tomorrow and I’ll incorporate workouts during the week to make up for it!

The workouts will all revolve ab-work since that’s what I struggle most with. I’ll also try and do some cardio in between.

My workout schedule will be to attempt 1 hour every day other than the weekend. Basically, I’d like to find half an hour of circuits I actually like, followed by half an hour of cardio I like. I discovered I quite like running but I need to go to my orthopedist before I can actually go running again…

Onto the metrics and tomorrow menu (warning: cookies!):


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