Day 16- halfway point and better than yesterday

Thursday, 3.30.2017

Day 16 out of 33

HALFWAY POINT WOOHOO!!! I gave in and weighed myself today (I’ve been having a bit of a rough week and needed it), and I’ve lost somewhere between two and four pounds (the scale I use has a dial that moves easily so it’s hard to tell).

Today was also better food-wise, and overall I had more energy (although I did have to take a nap, which I think is because of the draining day I had yesterday and only sleeping seven hours when I should be getting at least right). I had to actually cut down on some of the food because I made the other portions slightly bigger and I was very full. Let’s break down the food I had today!

A big PB&J sandwich- even though “Eat This Much” wrote I had to use apricot jam, I only had cherry and I only used one heaped tablespoon (instead of two) because it was way too much. I also cut down the peanut butter to just 2 (flat) tablespoons and not four.

Italian vegetable soup- I messed with this recipe a bit and it came out as more of a stew with some beans, but it was really good. I think I’ll make my (wrong) version of this recipe once the month is over but with more cumin and curry powder and some rice because that dish was meant for an Indian twist and not an Italian one. Still, it was really filling and I got plenty of veggies in.

Potatoes and peppers- I didn’t spice these because the website didn’t state any spices but looking back I probably would’ve liked it a lot more if I did. Not that I didn’t like it, it was pretty good, but nothing remarkable.

I also tried eating some carrot sticks but I was so full and they tasted kind of dull so I didn’t.

Here’s the nutritional breakdown of what I ate today (modified to accommodate what I actually had instead of the original menu), I know it’s a little low on calories, so I promise to be better tomorrow (scroll a little further down to see the menu for tomorrow):

Day 15 macro.png

Overall I feel like today was a recovery day from the terrible day yesterday was. Also, soon the public pool near my house will re-open for spring, so I’ll be able to actually workout and not hate it (damn circuits).

Anyway, onto the metrics and tomorrow’s menu!

P.S: Genuinely excited about tomorrow’s menu! Hope it’s good!


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