Day 15- the worst day so far

Wednesday, 3.29.2017

Day 15 out of 33

I don’t have a lot of energy to write today. I worked for a bit and finished a bunch of projects but I had the worst eating window since I began. The menu just wasn’t interesting for me and I changed it completely on a whim (always a bad idea), so I basically just ate junk. I’ll try and improve tomorrow.

Just so the dramatics are understood: I ate so much chocolate today, it’s ridiculous. I’m talking 400 grams, easily. I also had two slices of bread with avocado that tasted kind of shady so I threw the guacamole I made with it into the compost. I prepared sweet potatoes in the morning so I could have them in my window and obviously they came out cold and flavorless and still a bit hard. I did have two slices of toast with peanut butter and banana on it, but most of what I ate today came from these fried nuts I don’t even really like, two bell pepper with hummus and too much chocolate.

Yeah… not the best food day.

I’m optimistic about tomorrow, though! Even though today was terrible (shudder), I am ready for tomorrow’s menu, even if it means extra prep work (because even though I thought I was on holiday, apparently I still have work exactly around my eating window). I might ask my boss to beg off early or something for lunch (just like an hour).

I see no point in posting the nutritional information I promised, so let’s move onto metrics and menu for tomorrow (when I’ll have an actual eating window and not the two hour mess today’s was). I’m properly excite for this one!



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