Day 14- busy, busy bee



Day 14 out of 33

I have such a busy day today! I edited a video, I translated a document, I got my new bank account set up and notified my work place about it, I cleaned some stuff up (on my computer and a little in real life), and I made myself one of the most surprising dishes I had during the past two weeks.

I used “Eat This Much” to come up with a menu and I’ll paste it below so you can see it and then I’ll write a bit about my first day using this application (spoiler: it’s kind of incredible)!

So here’s what I ate today:

Day 14 food.png

Before any of you point out that I said I would eat 1,700 calories and it only says 1,400- I am aware of this. I made a little mistake and accidentally erased the fistful of granola I had, as well as another half a banana and rice milk. Overall, I think I reached just about the 1,700 calorie mark while maintaining a fairly low-fat and high-carb menu. Also, if it wasn’t clear, I didn’t eat all of these in three separate meals, but just one and it was filling and great and I LOVE this mustard lentils-sweet potato recipe. I was honestly so surprised but it was INCREDIBLE.

On the hunger front, I’m only hungry while writing these posts because I have to think about food but I usually keep myself kind of busy so it’s not the first thing on my mind. Tomorrow’s menu is also from Eat This Much and instead of pasting my usual “menu” image (sorry, but some changes are necessary) I’ll post the food I’ll eat and then tomorrow we’ll take a look at the nutrients from it.

I keep on wanting to weigh myself (side effect of having a mild eating disorder which you didn’t realize even WAS an eating disorder until you were done with it), but I’m going to hold out. I really want to have significant change (who doesn’t?) but it’s very early and I keep having to tell myself that lasting change doesn’t happen in four weeks and that “get fit quick” is just like a “get rich quick” scam. It’s not real. So I have to remember that and not become frustrated.

I do feel better now that I’m eating cleaner, for sure. It’s sometimes hard to tell the difference because it’s gradual but thanks to these updates I can see how well I’m doing, considering I’m only two weeks in. Soon I’m going to be starting a long process to setting up my own YouTube channel (not related to intermittent fasting, it’s just something I want to do), so I’m going to be busier and busier with building a studio (I have a spare room and it sounds like a lot of fun).

So that’s it for today folks. I’ll write back tomorrow and onto the metrics (and tomorrow’s menu)!


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