Day 13- a tiny update



Day 13 out of 33

Another late update, whoops (I’ll try and improve, sorry). So today I tried out the fasting window and I ate quite a lot- I had a salad and a bunch of peanuts and other nuts for lunch and then for dinner I have some nyoki with tomato sauce and some falafel in pita. But from now on I’ll train myself to use the “eat this much” website and tools to cut down calories (just a little) and monitor my food at the same time (including macro nutrients).

Anyway, at this point I’m wondering what’s the point of the metrics when I have the same levels of energy every day now that I passed the first hurdle and I’m not even feeling a little “hungry” during the entire day- even when approaching meal time (except for when I write these updates).

I know this is a super short update but I don’t have much to add other than that. Today I didn’t drink as much water as I usually do and I feel a bit dry and tired because of it right now, but I’ll mend that soon. So that’s it for today, I guess. I’ll update more about “eat this much” and my other goals as the month progresses.

As for my menu tomorrow, I’ll try out the 1,700 calorie HCLF “Eat This Much” menu and show it to you all tomorrow, so no menu today (sorry, but this might become a regular thing!)

Onto the metrics!



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