Day 12- some changes and stuff

Sunday, 3.26.2017

Day 12 out of 33

I’m trying to slowly get back into fasting 23/1 (fasting for 23 hours and then having an eating window of one hour, which is pretty extreme, by the way- usually people go 16/8 but I needed something a lot stricter), but tomorrow I’m probably breaking the 23/1 mold into about 15/7 because I have dinner with friends and I’m still easing back into fasting after the past two days.

Still, today was pretty good for me but I’m starting to slip. I snack during my hour (mainly on nuts), and I give into the low blood sugar feeling earlier (my window today started at 10:45 and ended at 11:45), which is why I’m introducing some additional things to help me with this journey.

  1. Calories restriction- this sounds very scary and intimidating, but being in a calorie deficit has been proven to work and I REFUSE to starve myself (I live to eat not eat to live), so I’m starting easy with about 1,700 to 2,000 calorie menu. I’m using “Eat This Much” for ideas and calculations. Will update about that.
  2. More outdoor time- I’m cooped-up quite a bit, but I want to start going out more, just to wake up my body more and feel overall better (apparently sunlight is, like, a magical cure for most things)
  3. Taking pictures- these pictures will only begin to be taken at the end of the month and will not be posted, but it will keep me even MORE accountable than just this blog.

I guess we’ll see how all that goes.

I’m feeling the same as I did before I began intermittent fasting and I’m keeping busy so I’m thinking less about food. Honestly, I crave food the most when writing these posts.

In addition to all those weight-loss things I’m about to implement, I’ve decided to improve my posture some more, so I’ll be doing one hour of book-balancing (aka looking stupid with a book on your head) while working on my computer. Thankfully, no one is home.

Recently a lot of stuff has been going on with work and the like, but that just makes me even more motivated to take care of myself. I know it’s cheesy, but I really do believe this is my year for change (which, let’s admit it, we all desperately want right now).

Anyway, not much to update about my day except for the early fast-breaking, but I’ll be sure to write tomorrow about the 16/8 situation (after a 26 hour fast. Yikes).

Onto the metrics and menu!


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