Day 11- double digits, and a third through!

Saturday, 3.25.2017

Day 11 out of 33

I’m a third of the way there! Unfortunately, I couldn’t update yesterday (too much birthday fun) and today’s update will just be short and sweet since I told myself I’ll let myself have two guilt-free days before going back to my original plan.

I keep seeing videos applauding the approach I’ve chosen to take, but there are also many videos explaining how this lifestyle will not help me lose weight. Since there are only 22 days left, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

I haven’t tracked my food so that I could really enjoy it, but starting tomorrow I’m back to my usual regimen, which means I’ll have to work out (internal crying). I’ve also been swamped with work and a lot of exciting projects are coming up so I’m freaking out a little bit. It’ll all be fine, though. I hope.

Back to food- I won’t write what I ate (it’s shameful, honestly, but whatever- NO REGRETS). I’m going to stick to High Carb Low Fat, not because it’s the way to lose more weight (according to a study I read the High Fat Low Carb diet helps more with weight loss), but because it’s the best way to maintain the lost weight. If I keep eating less and less (according to my recommended servings based on weight), I’ll be able to lose and maintain quite a bit of weight.

But again, everyone is different, so I’ll just have to wait and see.

Since there are no updates (other than hitting double digits!), let’s move on to menu (no metrics for these two days, sorry. They’re just not helpful for my journey because they don’t document intermittent fasting. Anyway, onto the menu!

Day 12 menu


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