Day 8- why I chose this lifestyle for weight loss (in slightly more details)

Wednesday, 3.22.2017

Day 8 out of 33

Today was a hassle and a half. I got into an argument with my mother (and enough about that because that’s a completely different story), which lead to me cancelling my shift and being frustrated overall so I was pretty high-strung which meant that I felt the need to eat more.

Honestly, I’m surprised that I didn’t. Usually when I’m on a diet I’ve already had three bags of chips by day 8. I think because this lifestyle is more restrictive than others (when it comes to eating times), it’s easier for me to follow a healthier lifestyle.

Look at it like this- when you’re doing Atkins or Keto or whatever, you find a bunch of candy that technically you’re “allowed” to eat and then you eat that. God knows I’ve been there. But on this lifestyle, it’s “all or nothing”. For instance, I ate some chocolate the other day because I felt like it and it was within my eating window. In addition, because I plan my meal ahead of time when I’m thinking clearly and not in an “eat, eat, eat” mind state, I actually eat a lot of healthy foods.

Like today- I had two sandwiches with pesto and veggies, some apple slices (from 2 small apples) with peanut butter, a granola bar and a medium-sized serving of vegan tofu stir-fry. All of those choices aren’t terrible for me and I ate enough food to sustain someone with much better self-control than me for a whole day!

Next step: eat less.

This is dangerous territory. I don’t want to develop an eating disorder (been there, done that, have the emotional bagged and weird relationship with food to prove it), but I’m aware that eating healthier options and eating less overall is what brings results.

That said, I don’t plan on starving myself any time soon. As I wrote above, I’m eating quite a lot of food. If I ate a sandwich at breakfast with a small apple dipped in peanut butter, another sandwich at lunch, a granola bar for a snack and vegan tofu stir-fry for dinner, I would’ve been eating pretty okay for a whole day.

But I’ve decided to do this lifestyle because it helps me gain control of my eating habits. I tend to snack a lot, and so far this lifestyle has eliminated it. If before I could say “I’ll have a donut now and then for dinner I’ll have a small salad” and then eat whatever I wanted for dinner, now I can only eat during one hour of the day. In a sense (and this will sound pompous, forgive me), it’s liberating.

So for now I’ll keep eating on the scale of between okay and great until I move onto eating only healthy foods.

Speaking of which, I heard hot water with some lemon (and perhaps molasses) helps clear toxins from the body in the morning and can give you an energy boost when you wake up (which I will need because I’m not eating until 13:30, or in today’s case 12:45 since I’m trying to slowly get back to my original window without going too hungry).

I’ll try that tomorrow and tell you how it goes.

On the workout front- it’s easier for me to go biking for half an hour than to motivate me to do those damn circuits from hell. I swear, I regret doing them every second I’m doing them and I only feel good about it for like five minutes before I realize I have to do it again in two days.

If you have any suggestions (yes, you, reader, I’m finally addressing you directly), please comment below and tell me of any fun circuits that you like doing that I might enjoy (because what I’m currently doing sucks).

I’m going to go do the circuits now (I finished biking like three hours ago and I’m avoiding these circuits like the plague which is why this post is longer- I’ve had more time to work on it), so here are the metrics and menu and I’ll write back tomorrow!

P.S: Tomorrow is going to be very fruit-based because I’m feeling hungrier (which, if you read previous posts by me, you know is just actually your blood sugar levels dropping). I’ll go back to more balanced food the following day.

P.S.S: I already scheduled the post but I’ve decided to skip circuits today because I deserve this act of rebellion and I promise to go biking tomorrow or catch up on the circuits or whatever. Honestly, they suck.



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