Day 7- my weekaversary!

Tuesday, 3.21.017

Day 7 out of 33

I’m a week in! In celebration, I had some spiced rice with fried (burnt) onion and two burritos today. And they were magnificent. Nothing new on the pee front, though. I’ll try and actively drink larger amounts when I drink and drink water less frequently.

Back to how I’m feeling- today I was a bit hungrier than yesterday (could be because I had more stress put on me today), so I started my window at 11:30 and finished at 12:30. Tomorrow I have a shift at my local grocery store which is always a challenge because there’s temptation everywhere you look. I’ll try and eat before my shift so that’s I’m not tempted to buy vegan junk while there.

In other news- one week is apparently enough to get used to this lifestyle. I’m thinking less about food all the time and I’m pretty sure the key to that is (surprise, surprise) being kept busy.

I have a shoot tomorrow so I have to run around a lot, but hopefully that won’t drain me too much!

Currently I have my eye on this tofu stir fry I’m dying to try, so I think that’s what I’ll put on the menu tomorrow. Because here’s the great thing about intermittent fasting- I can eat a lot of healthy and delicious foods without thinking too much about how good they are for me. That is, I can eat two healthy burritos (with TVP, not with meat) without feeling guilty about it because I know I’m not eating anything else.

Also, a concern I’ve been having recently revolves the possibility of failure. I’m well-aware it’s there, but I’m just hoping and praying that this lifestyle works. My friend recently told me about something called “The Law of Attraction” which I might look into some more but basically states that if you want something very badly, you put good energy out into the world and you believe you deserve that thing, you’ll get it. After I look into, I’ll definitely try it out (you might have guessed I’m a bit of a hopping person, as in I like to move from thing to thing until I found the thing best suited for me).

Thank you for reading, hopefully you’ve been having a good week and I’ll write tomorrow (once more sorry for the short update but I’m cutting it close to the deadline and nothing much happened today).

P.S: I didn’t schedule this post, and I’m delighted that it posted exactly on my posting time.

Onto the metrics and menu!



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