Day 6- a little mess-up and a lot of stuff to do

Monday, 3.20.2017

Day 6 out of 33

Okay so short update today because apparently when you get a break one place, you have to get everything else piled on instead. Fun! Also, I’m a little late on updating (sorry!), since I try and write these a little ahead of time so that I could schedule them to a specific time.

Anyway! Today was another no-brainer. Seriously great. I was more hungry than yesterday but that could be because I talked to my friends about intermittent fasting which usually makes me hungrier. I also didn’t have such great food but I’ve been eyeing some burrito and rice with fried onion so I’m thinking tomorrow will be better.

I had chocolate today, which was weird because it was dark chocolate and I could feel the sugar. It was really odd. Still, I probably needed it because, as I predicted, the circuit workout was honestly terrible. I wish I’d have simply written one hour of biking cardio and skipped all the fitness recommendations. Maybe I’ll invite a friend next time (here’s hoping).

I’ve been swamped today by side projects which means I was busy, busy, busy, but obviously that didn’t matter to my bladder, which is when I took notice of (watch out this is TMI and also kind of gross) every time I pee. Usually, it takes me the whole day for my pee to turn clear (sometimes not even that), but today I hit that mark a little after noon. Crazy!

Also, I’ve been basically living in the bathroom. I think it’s because I only take sips of water and I don’t drink, like, a cup at a time or whatever. Maybe because I consume small amounts of water and my stomach is empty it’s just easier for the water to pass? I think I’ll look into it tomorrow because going to the bathroom eight times a day cannot be normal or very healthy.

So I guess I have some homework!

And now for a clear summary on the food front- I didn’t really like my rice dish, so I fried some onions today and I’ll add that to the leftovers for tomorrow. Chocolate is such a good pick-me-up, but since I’m trying extra hard to be healthy I’ll call this my cheat day and move on. I also had a delicious sandwich, so I got fresh vegetables in and I got my daily fruit recommendation with the smoothie (topped with granola because, as the kids say, you only live once). Overall, almost a really good food day.

Okay, now that we’re done with the update (I think I covered everything), here are the metrics and tomorrow’s menu!


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