Day 4- A really, really good day

Saturday, 3.18.2017

Day 4 out of 33 (beginner phase)

This just keeps getting easier and easier. Obviously the hunger hasn’t totally vanished, but I’ve stopped constantly thinking about food and not feel even a little exhausted. I am a little weary of tomorrow, since I have to wake up fairly early and spend ten whole hours feeling kind of bored and over-tired.

Hopefully my new-found lifestyle is ready to take such a hit. Fingers crossed.

The good news is that I ate fairly well during my window (I had two delicious sandwiches, half a 6” lemon-strawberry pie and a nice bowl of strawberries and dates) and that my family isn’t requiring me to eat during the dinner.

I’m preparing pasta, salad and a dish called majadra for my long day tomorrow, and I’ll try and bring my thermos and water bottle as well.

Today I’ve also learned that what we call “hunger” isn’t actually hunger, but it’s the feeling of our blood sugar dropping. Hunger actually hurt, it’s not as uncomfortable as the feeling of having low blood sugar.

the more you know

Anyway, today felt just like any other day (except I did think about food a little more than usual). I went biking for thirty minutes (a very easy pace, nothing crazy) and felt totally fine. I’ll try for a harder workout tomorrow, hopefully.

I also went outside more. I feel like I’ve regained my normal energy levels enough to not feel tired by just going about my day. It could also be assisted by how my window was structured today- I had complex carbs as well as fruits and vegetables and plenty of fiber and even a good amount of protein.

Whatever it may be, today has been the best yet and if this is a trend I’m witnessing, I should be feeling incredible by the end of next week.

Obviously I’m still a little stressed about tomorrow but today was just so good that I’m feeling quite (dare I say it?) hopeful. Overall, tomorrow will probably be a very draining day, and I have no idea what to expect.

That’s it for today, I’m afraid (seeing as nothing major happened on the intermittent fasting front). But before we say our final goodbyes, here is tomorrow’s menu and today’s metrics!


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