Day 3- major improvements!

Friday, 3.17.2017

Day 3 of 33 (still beginner phase)

Today was surprisingly good. I felt very minimally hungry (more so when I watched cooking videos, but that always happens), and still had a lot of energy (no need for a nap today at all! I wasn’t even tempted to go into bed).

I didn’t expect to adjust this quickly. Perhaps this is just a lucky day, I don’t know. When I woke up, I wasn’t incredibly hungry, and that stayed until I decided to work out. I was hungrier while working out (even had the grumbles), but I didn’t feel extremely hungry whatsoever.

Walking after eating was also a fairly good idea, and it was even better a few hours afterwards, when I would usually get hit with tiredness. I think that adding a thirty minute walk to a thirty minute workout circuit is really good for me this early in the month.

I was tempted to weigh myself today, but I’m going to hold off until the month is over because women’s weight can fluctuate several pounds daily and I want to get an accurate read on my progress (hopefully there is some). I also hope that this lifestyle will help me with the struggles I’ve been having with this compulsion to constantly weigh myself!

For my one hour window today I took some liberty. I started the clock at 13:20, mainly because I messed up. The cocoa pancakes came out as more of blobs, and I had to use copious amounts of oil to make sure they didn’t stick. Furthermore, my vegetable dip was a bit of a sad disaster. I’ll see what I can do about it tomorrow. I did still have some cucumber and carrot sticks and even some peanut butter and banana on two slices of whole wheat bread. Also, my birthday is coming up and one of my very good friends came over today with a mug cake because she won’t be here on the actual date.

Still, I’ll continue writing my menus because they help me focus my want. I write them when I’m not very hungry so that I’m not as controlled by cravings when I write them. We have some really delicious bread in the freezer, so I’m thinking of eating a sandwich tomorrow (if only I had tofu to make vegan BLT!)

I think that after I get used to my new eating schedule, I’ll tentatively bring in other aspects of a healthy lifestyle (more vegetables and whole foods as well as longer workouts).

Also, I’ve read that drinking water with lemon squeezed into it is a very good anti-oxidant, so if it tastes good enough I might incorporate that in a well (in due time).

Tomorrow I have a family dinner to sit through, so I might have to push back my eating window. I’m a little scared about doing that so early in this lifestyle, but I’ll just have to wait and see how it goes (and probably drink lots of tea). Also, I have to go back to a regular non-holiday schedule starting Sunday (only until Tuesday), which means I’ll be exerting myself more. This will be a testing four days, that’s for sure.

My game plan is to pre-prepare my food tomorrow and each day prior to eating it so that I won’t have the compulsion to eat outside of my window.

My friend (the only person I’ve told about this diet) asked me why exactly I’m doing this, so here’s a quick explanation.

Whenever I’m on a diet, I slip up a lot. This diet is pretty restrictive but also not very restrictive. The times when I can eat are limited (which limits the amount of food I can actually consume), but the amount I can eat is not as long as it fits the time frame (which does limit the amount automatically, as I wrote earlier). I’m not terrific at explaining myself, but I hope I got the point across.

I don’t have much else to say; it’s just been a pretty good day, overall. So I’ll just move onto the metrics and menu. Write back tomorrow!

P.S: the menu is probably not gonna be useful at all considering I have no idea what I’ll eat at the family dinner but I’ll update tomorrow!



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