Day 2- I mean… it’s okay…

Thursday, 3.16.2017

Day 2 of 33 (still beginner phase)

Today was a bit slow for me. I expected this to happen, but I had no idea how low-energy I will be today. Last night I couldn’t fall asleep for three whole hours (I was definitely at least mildly hungry), possibly because the book I was reading was very interesting and I always had to get up and pee because I drank about three liters of water during the entire day.

That said, when I woke up I was less hungry than I was the previous day. Maybe that’s a sign of my body adapting?

A whole thing for me is to always remain healthy, even when dieting. This means that whenever I start showing very distressing signs of feeling unwell, I stop. So far, all I’ve really experienced has been low level hunger and kind of low energy (but that varied throughout the day and also might have something to do with how I had basically nothing to do).

Tomorrow I’ll try doing more things and also drinking more sugarless tea because it fills me up better than water and at least has a taste.

My one hour window was once again used up entirely. I had cocoa oatmeal with mashed banana (it was a very generous serving), as well as four pieces of avocado toast. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my salad today but I’ll try to get in my Daily Five tomorrow. For now, this is just the experimental phase.

Once again I felt sleepy after I ate. I went into bed and just chilled for a little while (didn’t even take a nap!) until I finally decided to go on a walk. It turned into a bit of an adventure and I felt like I had more energy during and after it, so maybe I’ll try to incorporate more outdoor activities for the next month.

I know I said I’d work out, but I was just not feeling it. I might drag my best friend with me to the gym tomorrow (he’ll probably say no) and do a partner workout. From the research I’ve done, it’s better to exercise before the eating window opens so that you can feed your body after exerting yourself.

Tomorrow I’m going to have fairly healthy vegan cocoa pancakes, some vegetables and dip and a sandwich.

Something I might have not stressed yesterday well enough is that I am not eating one meal a day- I’m just eating once a day. This means I’m eating enough food to sustain myself for the rest of the day and the following morning while also watching my portions so that I don’t go too over-board.

I’m trying to do this lifestyle for a few things:

  1. Lose weight
  2. Take control of my eating habits (having strict rules help me with that)
  3. Clear my schedule (by eating just once a day for one solid hour I’m freeing up all the other times reserved for cooking and eating to do other things)

Hopefully this first hurdle is going to pass by quickly and that the rest of the month will be smooth sailing, but we’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we?

Also, finally being able to eat a whole proper meal with my family and friends with no calorie restrictions is great. Obviously they’ll think I’m eating a lot of food, but hopefully once I explain what I’m trying to do and the science behind it, they’ll be supportive. I doubt it, but either way it’s very easy to hide this lifestyle (if you need to) because you ARE eating.

That might sound a bit insane, but I promise I’m not actually starving myself. Feeling hungry is fine with me, and I’ve long come to the realization that losing weight is about giving up some stuff and even suffering a little, especially for someone with my body type and dietary history.

It sucks, because a lot of diet plans advertise themselves as “pain and hunger free”, but honestly I want to get results, and this may totally blow, but it’s what I have to do.

And now onto the metrics and menu!

P.S: See? I’m sticking this out. Unbelievable.


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