Day 1- Starting Out

Wednesday, 3.15.2017

Day 1 of 33 (beginner phase)

Last night I ate a quick snack at 22:00 because I was scared I would be hungry when I woke up. I went to sleep at midnight and forced myself to sleep until 9:30, mainly because I’m so scared of being hungry.

My relationship with food has always been complicated. When I was young I was very vaguely aware of nutrition and I would eat whatever I wanted. In middle school, I would eat ridiculous amounts of sugar every single day (by that I mean at least one candy bar every day).

Then, when my birthday came around, I went to get a doctor’s check-up and he told me I was overweight for my height and age, bordering not too far from obesity.

body statistics

I decided to take matters into my own hands.  I went vegan. Immediately, I was doing it all wrong. I ate chips, and dark chocolate, and honestly ridiculous amounts of any vegan snack I could find.

About four months into me being vegan (and feeling fantastic morally but terrible physically), I went to see a dietician. Ten minutes into our meeting, I decided I didn’t like her. She was just so… persistent. I looked up some of the things she told me to do and eat afterwards and was hit with mixed results agreeing and disagreeing with her.

I’ve tried every possible diet out there for vegans- I did keto and felt horrid, I did Atkins and wanted to rip my hair out,  I ate no fat whatsoever and felt kind of okay but wasn’t losing any weight after a whole month. I tried calorie restriction (HUNGRY) and even working out for a whole hour every day of the week. It was all a bust, and I was getting desperate. I haven’t lost any weight, and we’re closing in on a whole year since I decided I wanted to lose weight.

And here we are. I realized that different diets work for different people for different reasons, and that all those I’ve tried before were frustrating and left me feeling angry, so I decided to go as crazy as possible, just to see if this works. That’s when I found intermittent fasting. It seems still  little crazy, and it looks like everything I’m scared a diet will be, and even though many sources are saying this is healthy, I can’t help but wonder if it really is.

So I’m taking this diet on a test run. Starting today and until April 17th I will try and adjust to this lifestyle and see how I feel. At the end of this period (when I have to go back to school after a prolonged vacation), I’ll see if this is something I’d like to stick with it.

This might just be the most difficult of all the diets I’ve tried, but I’m going to push through and post on his blog daily to keep track of what I’m eating and feeling so that I’m accountable. If I’m being totally honest, usually blogging goes terribly for me, but this time I’m going to really push myself.

So here’s what’s going to happen: starting today, I will only be eating once a day, in an “eating window” of a single hour. Before and after that hour I won’t snack or eat anything and will only drink water or green tea with no sugar. It sounds terrible, but it’s 18:00 right now at the moment I’m writing this paragraph and I’m not feeling incredibly hungry.

I forced myself to sleep until 9:30 because I knew that the first few days will be the hardest and I wanted to “skip” as many waking hours as possible while my body takes time to adjust to this new way of eating.

I think it’s important to always remember your body needs time to realize you’re going to give it fuel in a different way than it’s used to when you’re switching up your diet. That’s usually why people fail diets- they start out poorly and they feel terrible for a while (be it several days to several weeks), and then they just give up. Hopefully that won’t happen to me (fingers crossed).

After I woke up, I was messing around on my computer, waiting for my “food window” to come. I took a shower, drank about a liter of water and then 12:30 rolled around and I began making myself food. My window today (and hopefully for the rest of my vacation if I can manage it) was from 13:30 until 14:30, and I wanted to use it properly. I probably ate about a tablespoon of cooked TVP while tasting food for seasoning while I was prepping it but other than that I didn’t eat anything until my window came up.

I jumped to the shop and got myself some veggies and other foods I might need for the upcoming couple of days.

During my window, I ate two tortillas lousily wrapped into a burrito, with half a cup of cooked and spiced TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein- soy in my case) each in it, guacamole from a small avocado in each, diced tomato in each, cubed red onion and a tablespoon and a half of Tofutti cream cheese in each as well.  I ate those fairly quickly and then got to eat the baked potato chips I made (no oil), which amounted to a staggering five small-medium potatoes (your girl was HUNGRY).

I felt so sleepy after the meal, so I crawled into bed, read a little and then took an hour long nap. Waking up, I felt a little puckish, but it wasn’t something unreasonable. I also notice that I’m a little more snappish, but overall I’m not yet wishing for the sweet release of death.

There’s still four more hours to go until I should probably go into bed again, and it’s not my favorite thing right now, but I can see myself sticking out this meh beginning until I get to the point where my body has reset itself and I can go back to myself.

Tomorrow I’ll try and fit in a workout in my day, probably right before my window, just to see if I can still maintain a 3 times a week workout (nothing crazy, around 30 minutes up to an hour and a half).

It’s currently about 20:00 and I’m still feeling the grumbles but honestly I’m mostly okay. It’s not very bothersome and if it gets really annoying (like right now when I’m focusing on it) I just drink some water. Two hours to go before sleep and then hopefully I’ll wake up a little later and won’t have to drink water and tea for six hours before I can eat!

And now onto the fun visual part of things- my daily metrics and the menu for tomorrow! I fill these out before I go to sleep as a reflection on the day before and as a plan for the next day food-wise. Here goes!

Day 1 HungerDay 1EnergyDay 2 menu


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