Day 17- late update and another goal

Friday, 3.31.2017

Day 17 out of 33

So today will be a short update because I didn’t exactly fast today. I meant to but then I had a long and tedious shift in our local soup kitchen followed by me having to eat food otherwise I would’ve collapsed. Which I realized is important to emphasize: I do not want to collapse and I want to be able to eat out of my eating window every once in a while.

My goal is to reach a fitness level which is sustainable but also allows room for other things. For instance, I know sugar and fats are bad for you but I’d like to be able to indulge every once in a while without feeling terrible afterwards. Obviously I’d like to not relay on, say, dark chocolate all the time, but I’d like to be able to have a day every week where I just eat whatever I want, as long as it’s fairly nutritious, has a flavor I really enjoy and doesn’t have to be part of my fasting.

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Day 16- halfway point and better than yesterday

Thursday, 3.30.2017

Day 16 out of 33

HALFWAY POINT WOOHOO!!! I gave in and weighed myself today (I’ve been having a bit of a rough week and needed it), and I’ve lost somewhere between two and four pounds (the scale I use has a dial that moves easily so it’s hard to tell).

Today was also better food-wise, and overall I had more energy (although I did have to take a nap, which I think is because of the draining day I had yesterday and only sleeping seven hours when I should be getting at least right). I had to actually cut down on some of the food because I made the other portions slightly bigger and I was very full. Let’s break down the food I had today!

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Day 15- the worst day so far

Wednesday, 3.29.2017

Day 15 out of 33

I don’t have a lot of energy to write today. I worked for a bit and finished a bunch of projects but I had the worst eating window since I began. The menu just wasn’t interesting for me and I changed it completely on a whim (always a bad idea), so I basically just ate junk. I’ll try and improve tomorrow.

Just so the dramatics are understood: I ate so much chocolate today, it’s ridiculous. I’m talking 400 grams, easily. I also had two slices of bread with avocado that tasted kind of shady so I threw the guacamole I made with it into the compost. I prepared sweet potatoes in the morning so I could have them in my window and obviously they came out cold and flavorless and still a bit hard. I did have two slices of toast with peanut butter and banana on it, but most of what I ate today came from these fried nuts I don’t even really like, two bell pepper with hummus and too much chocolate.

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Day 14- busy, busy bee



Day 14 out of 33

I have such a busy day today! I edited a video, I translated a document, I got my new bank account set up and notified my work place about it, I cleaned some stuff up (on my computer and a little in real life), and I made myself one of the most surprising dishes I had during the past two weeks.

I used “Eat This Much” to come up with a menu and I’ll paste it below so you can see it and then I’ll write a bit about my first day using this application (spoiler: it’s kind of incredible)!

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Day 13- a tiny update



Day 13 out of 33

Another late update, whoops (I’ll try and improve, sorry). So today I tried out the fasting window and I ate quite a lot- I had a salad and a bunch of peanuts and other nuts for lunch and then for dinner I have some nyoki with tomato sauce and some falafel in pita. But from now on I’ll train myself to use the “eat this much” website and tools to cut down calories (just a little) and monitor my food at the same time (including macro nutrients).

Anyway, at this point I’m wondering what’s the point of the metrics when I have the same levels of energy every day now that I passed the first hurdle and I’m not even feeling a little “hungry” during the entire day- even when approaching meal time (except for when I write these updates).

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Day 12- some changes and stuff

Sunday, 3.26.2017

Day 12 out of 33

I’m trying to slowly get back into fasting 23/1 (fasting for 23 hours and then having an eating window of one hour, which is pretty extreme, by the way- usually people go 16/8 but I needed something a lot stricter), but tomorrow I’m probably breaking the 23/1 mold into about 15/7 because I have dinner with friends and I’m still easing back into fasting after the past two days.

Still, today was pretty good for me but I’m starting to slip. I snack during my hour (mainly on nuts), and I give into the low blood sugar feeling earlier (my window today started at 10:45 and ended at 11:45), which is why I’m introducing some additional things to help me with this journey.

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Day 11- double digits, and a third through!

Saturday, 3.25.2017

Day 11 out of 33

I’m a third of the way there! Unfortunately, I couldn’t update yesterday (too much birthday fun) and today’s update will just be short and sweet since I told myself I’ll let myself have two guilt-free days before going back to my original plan.

I keep seeing videos applauding the approach I’ve chosen to take, but there are also many videos explaining how this lifestyle will not help me lose weight. Since there are only 22 days left, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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Day 9- learning more

Thursday, 3.23.2017

Day 9 out of 33

Let me start this post off by saying that lemon squeezed into hot water is gross. It tastes like washed-down bitterness (which, I mean, is technically what it is). I might be able to tolerate a glass of that a day for like a week because, after doing more research, it does actually help your skin and it’s a pretty good anti-oxidant. Still, I’m not gonna be happy about it.

I didn’t eat very well today but I’m giving myself a two day pass because tomorrow is my birthday! This means that I will be stepping slightly out of the fasting mode to eat breakfast and dessert after dinner (and perhaps also dinner, I don’t really know).

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Day 8- why I chose this lifestyle for weight loss (in slightly more details)

Wednesday, 3.22.2017

Day 8 out of 33

Today was a hassle and a half. I got into an argument with my mother (and enough about that because that’s a completely different story), which lead to me cancelling my shift and being frustrated overall so I was pretty high-strung which meant that I felt the need to eat more.

Honestly, I’m surprised that I didn’t. Usually when I’m on a diet I’ve already had three bags of chips by day 8. I think because this lifestyle is more restrictive than others (when it comes to eating times), it’s easier for me to follow a healthier lifestyle.

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Day 7- my weekaversary!

Tuesday, 3.21.017

Day 7 out of 33

I’m a week in! In celebration, I had some spiced rice with fried (burnt) onion and two burritos today. And they were magnificent. Nothing new on the pee front, though. I’ll try and actively drink larger amounts when I drink and drink water less frequently.

Back to how I’m feeling- today I was a bit hungrier than yesterday (could be because I had more stress put on me today), so I started my window at 11:30 and finished at 12:30. Tomorrow I have a shift at my local grocery store which is always a challenge because there’s temptation everywhere you look. I’ll try and eat before my shift so that’s I’m not tempted to buy vegan junk while there.

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